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Amazonite Gemstone Beads

Amazonite semi precious stone beads color is commonly seen as a green or blue-green stone, often containing white streaks. Although Amazonite beads color range also extends to yellow and blue spectrums. We are a variety of shapes and styles of Amazonite beads for your jewelry design needs.  Some say Amazonite in known to soothe the nervous system and brain,thus enabling enhanced analytical and intuitive abilities.

  • Amazonite 6mm Round Beads 15.5 Inch Strand - Semi Precious Gemstone Beads
    $7.80 Amazonite 6mm Round Beads 15.5 Inch Strand
    Amazonite 6mm Round Bead. Sold by the 15.5 inch strand. Quality semi-precious gemstone beads always guaranteed.Semi-precious gemstone beads are naturally beautiful, design with stone beads.