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Black Onyx Gemstone Beads

Black Onyx Gemstone Beads.  A variety of cryptocrystalline quartz, Black Onyx differs from agate only in that the bands of which is composed are parallel and regular. The deep, even, rich color of Black Onyx has given it the reputation of helping one become more steadfast and determined, according to some folklore. We carry a variety of shapes and styles of Black Onyx  gemstone beads for your jewelry design needs.

  • Black Onyx Beads Chips 36 Inch Strand - Semi Precious Gemstone Beads
    $1.79 Black Onyx Beads Chips 36 Inch Strand
    Black Onyx Bead Chips 36 inch strand. Quality semi-precious gemstone beads always guaranteed.Semi-precious gemstone beads are naturally beautiful, design with stone beads.